since 1984

February 2015
This Month’s Main Topic:

Do you feel like this?
Are you really SECURE for the New Year?
We talk Home Wifi Security? Passwords
on a sticky, TouchIDKnox, VPNs, 1Password and more…

 Main Topic: 7 PM
Tuesday, February 10, 2015  
Rye Junior High
501 Washington Road
Rye, NH 03870

Bring you Newton, MacBooks, iMacs, iPads and Apple watch and lets learn together.
 We Gladly accept ApplePay but of course its free.

by Mike Muldoon and Jeff Lynch
March 2015
OPEN Q&A for 2 hours - MacMentors
Its like the Genius Bar on Steroids.
If you’ve seen Jeff and Mike you know what I mean!

All Mac/Apple Users are welcome.
Mac Mentors FREE help sessions 6:15-7PM
Check us out... we've been around before Apple was cool!

WE AT THE NEW HAMPSHIRE SEACOAST MAC USERS share a common interest in and respect for (and an occasional frustration with) Macintosh computers. Our individual members represent a wide range of experience and expertise in the wonderful world of Macintosh.
Our membership ranges from Mac beginners to professional programmers, so there are lots of questions and ready sources of answers. With a guest speaker or one of our own members to demonstrate Mac or Internet applications and our Mac Mentors sessions to aid new users, you are sure to find something of value at each meeting.
There are NO membership dues; attendance at meetings is FREE --
so what are you waiting for?
Come join us!

is always held prior to the general meeting at 6:15 PM also in the library. This provides opportunities for hands-on, one-on-one (or more) sessions for beginners, newcomers or anyone who has a question or problem. We have quite a number of members offering their time and expertise to help anyone who is having difficulty with their Mac or iOS program.